Top 10 Ideas about sex during pregnancy

sex during pregnancy

We hear ready-made phrases during pregnancy. And question sex, they do not really reassure us, even going so far as to multiply the confusions in our minds. Is it bad for baby? Can this cause childbirth? Here are the top 10 ideas received about sex during pregnancy.

Ideas about sex during pregnancy: it hurts baby

The pregnant woman thinks first of all of the little one she has in her belly. Many worry about the consequences of a sex life on their tip. Here are some misconceptions:

Making love can cause a miscarriage:

One can find different causes for a miscarriage, they may be linked to a chromosome abnormality or a uterine malformation, but certainly not to the sexual activities of the mother.

Penetration can hurt the baby:

Do not worry, baby is well protected. Your little one is inside the amniotic sac, placed in the uterus. The whole is separated by a mucous plug which is located at the level of the cervix. In short, your man can penetrate you vigorously, baby will see only fire.

The sex of my companion will leave a trace on the head of baby:

False! For the reasons explained above, it is impossible that the penis of your dear and tender touches baby.

Gender can provoke childbirth:

No scientific study has so far succeeded in making the link between the sex life of the future mother with the onset of childbirth. Your last night’s sex part is not likely to cause the birth of your baby … unless the delivery is imminent. Indeed, orgasm being the best of relaxers, the enjoyment can therefore cause a true letting go, favorable to the beginning of the work. Let us note, however, that premature deliveries have other causes.

Ideas received about sex during pregnancy: it hurts mom

Concerns regarding baby erased, you think of yourself: can sex during pregnancy hurt you? Apprehensions are normal, but let’s try to calm your fears.

Making love can trigger contractions:

No, sex does not trigger contractions. Orgasm, on the other hand.

Having an orgasm triggers contractions: true, an orgasm can create contractions. But do not panic, these remain light and do not alter the cervix. Some women do not even feel them. It is not these contractions, located in the uterus and the perineum, that will trigger your delivery if your pregnancy is normal. However, in some cases (bleeding, risk of premature delivery …), your gynecologist may advise against sexual intercourse.

The sexual relationship is going to hurt me: there is no reason. At least no more than usual. From the moment you feel like it and your sex is properly lubricated, you will not feel pain. If not, consult your doctor.

Making love causes bleeding that is bad for my pregnancy: these light bleeds are natural and benign from the moment that it remains small “spots”. They simply prove that the cervix is more sensitive than before.

Sex during pregnancy is not so good: not necessarily! Yes, your stomach will eventually annoy you, but there is every kind of way to make love. Your pregnancy can be an opportunity to innovate and give back to your sex life. And then some future mothers see their libido skyrocket during their pregnancy!

Ideas received about sex during pregnancy: the companion is less attracted

Pregnant women often say that with their big stomach, they are less attractive and that their man has necessarily less desire to sex with her. Nothing is more false! Beyond the fact that you remain the woman he has chosen, your companion will find interests in your new body. It is rare for a future dad to complain of the new breast that is offered to him.