Wake up your metabolism and burn fat

Wake up your metabolism and burn fat

burn fat

You studied all the possible causes to burn fat, but you have not considered that many times, the reason why we do not lose weight although we eat little, lies in the slow metabolism.

Change your eating habits!

Some of your eating habits contribute to delaying the metabolic rate of your body without even realizing it. These tips that we provide, will help to accelerate your metabolism. Put them into practice and you’ll notice the results.

Breakfast: a meal that you should not forget.

Stopping breakfast is a mistake we often make. However, when you do, your body burns more calories for the rest of the day than if you ignore it. Do not forget to include in your first meal, healthy and nutritious foods like cereals, fruit juices and grains. Do not spend long periods without eating. When your body spends long hours without eating food, your metabolism loses momentum. In addition, in general, when a lot of time goes by without eating, then we eat a lot more food than we really need. A fruit between meals can be the perfect solution for fasts.

No to extreme diets!

We usually lose weight at the “speed of light”, and that is when we turn to drastic diets, which almost killed us hungry. As a result, you are almost certainly not achieving your goal. Ideally in these cases is to make small meals, several times a day, to make the metabolism work more. Exercise!

Of course, if you also practice exercises, the results will be more remarkable.

Lots of fiber!

Foods rich in fiber do not accelerate metabolism but nevertheless help the body to function more effectively; To process food better, preventing the body from processing many calories in the form of fat. As if that were not enough, it also helps to fill the stomach and quench the appetite. There is no magic formula that speeds up the metabolic mechanism overnight. However, by putting into practice these tips that teach you to eat smart and that encourage your body to have a more dynamic pace when burning calories, you will achieve the expected results.

The Best: Good Food Combination

A good combination of foods works to speed up the metabolism and lose up to a pound per day “real”, not fictitious as it happens in many diets that you lose fluids and not fatty tissue (that is the goal).

Proteins require an acidic environment to be metabolized, while carbohydrates require an alkaline environment. Therefore, eating protein and carbohydrates in the same food, forces the body to work with acidic and alkaline enzymes. For the metabolisms of many women, this process presents conflicts and as a result there is poor digestion, malabsorption of nutrients and increased storage of body fat.

The following table shows the best combination of foods:

PROTEINS (combine only with vegetables)

Red meat
Soy product

CARBOHYDRATES (combine only with vegetables)

Beans (beans)
Wholemeal bread
Green peas
Cake shop
Chinese beans
Wholemeal flour

How to consume them?


Eat them alone. The digestive system can assimilate the nutrients better if the stomach is empty when we eat the fruit.


Eat them with protein or carbohydrates. Vegetables and their juices can be combined with both proteins and carbohydrates. The exception is potatoes and corn that should not be combined with proteins in the same food.


Taking the 8 glasses of water a day is essential for the person who wants to lose weight. You can take diluted fruit juice or tea.

The toxins accumulated in the fatty tissue have to be swept from the blood and one of the mechanisms that the body has for this purpose is its dissolution in the body fluids, then to be evacuated by the kidney or sweat.

Example Menu


A) 1 cup sliced bananas and strawberries, mixed with lemon juice
and ¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder
1 cup teas of herbs and 6 ounces of vegetable juice

B) 1 cup chopped melon
1 cup teas of herbs and 6 ounces of vegetable juice


A) 2 cups of steamed vegetables (you can season them with herbs), 
served on the equivalent of a cup of brown rice

B) 1 cup green salad
1 cup steamed vegetables served over your favorite pasta (1 cup),
seasoned with natural tomato sauce

C) 1 cup grapefruit and oranges counted in small pieces
1 cup teas of herbs and 6 ounces of vegetable juice

NOTE: These dishes can also be eaten at dinner.