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How to get the color of the dye


Before choosing your hair color, you have to take into account many factors if you want to always look beautiful hair.

Your economy influences
“The frequency with which you can go to the hairdressing salon, for example, is also fundamental,” explains Hansford. If it is every month, there are no dyes vetoed; but if you can only go every 3 months, avoid the permanent, you will see the roots a lot. It is better to choose vegetable dyes or colored baths, which blend with the washings. On the other hand, wicks and reflections are ideal if you want to visit the hairdressing salon “.

To each cut, its color
On the other hand, the haircut and the texture and body of your hair are also significant when choosing dye.
To short hair, “it usually suits a uniform color better, without fuses or reflections,” says Jo.
If your hair is very thin or thin, whether short or long, “also bet on a single color because you will provide greater visual thickness; If it is very bulky and you decide to make wicks, these should be wider so they do not go unnoticed, “he adds.

The perfect choice
However, the color of eyes and skin are decisive when choosing the most appropriate tonal range. According to Jo Hansford:
With dark eyes, bet on medium brown to black tints.
With clear eyes, choose the reddish, blond and brown.
If your skin is pink, avoid the reddish tones.
Very white skins with too light tints create a dull image. The very dark do not feel too good either.
To very dark skin, blond and brown feel good, but it is better to avoid reddish ones.

And the arrival of maturity
In general, it is a stage in which the look is more harmonious if you run away from strident hair colors. The ideal “is to move two tones upwards or downwards of one’s own color,” Hansford recommends. If you go dark, you look older and if you go clear, all you turn off. In addition, as “with the hormonal swings, the skin tone varies, you have to re-evaluate what tone of hair you feel best.” In maturity, hitting the cut is also fundamental. “She usually has better short hair and a better appearance, so she does not look like a ‘lady’.”

Attractive with gray hair?
Leaving gray hair is a comfortable option that can give your image a very personal touch. But do it well so you do not look sloppy. The process must be gradual. If you wear a dark tint, your hair stylist should discolor your hair and then, for a few months, tone the tone from half ends to match with the roots. If you wear it blond, you can go nuancing the roots until, from medium to ends, the dye disappears. In any case, you will have to cut your hair as much as the style you want to wear will allow. To the gray hair, they feel better the melena stockings and the modern shorts.

To last longer
Once you decide on a color, the goal is to lengthen it as much as possible. Use only shampoos, conditioners and masks for dyed hair: they prevent the dye from losing intensity and counteract the aggression of hair on the hair. Also, protect it from the sun, from chlorine.

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